Environmental regulations are a significant aspect of Franco-German trade and play an instrumental role in business decisions. A sound knowledge of environmental legislations and compliance schemes is the key to both successful market entry and sustained success in export markets.

Founded in 1991, the Environmental Department of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has gained extensive experience, particularly in the national implementation of European legislation concerning packaging, electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries. We provide exporting companies with expert advice and comprehensive support.

Our services:

  • Packaging: complete representation against European compliance schemes, particularly in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Austria and Germany.
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries: registration of electronic equipment with national authorities, research for a guarantee providing organisation as well as the most suitable solution in the respective European country.
  • Registration and certification: country-specific registration and certification procedures with the appropriate authorities for furniture, chemicals, textiles, beverage deposits and products from a range of other sectors.
  • Individual Research concerning your company’s obligations under European Union standards and guidelines


Despite European Union Directive 94/62/EG obliging companies to collect and recycle packaging, national implementation of said legislation continues to diverge significantly. These differences become particularly visible in intra-European exports.

By joining a national compliance scheme, the obligation under European law is transferred to the relevant scheme.

In order to support your company in all relevant aspects of collecting and recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods, the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce has developed close partnership with various compliance schemes in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain and Austria enabeling us to provide a consulting service of European outreach.    

Our Consulting Service includes:

  • Conclusion of a contract with relevant European compliance schemes: Eco-Emballages (France), FOST Plus and VAL-I-PAC (Belgium), Valorlux (Luxemburg), ARA (Austria) DSD and other compliance schemes (Germany), Ecoembalajes (Spain) 
  • Calculation of licence fees for individual sales-/packaging units for internal cost analysis
  • Calculation and submission of necessary declarations (monthly, quarterly and/or annually)
  • Support for individual questions on packaging and waste management
  • Cooperation with tax consultants and accountants for auditing purposes

Your Advantages:

  • Significant reduction of working time and costs
  • Solutions and consulting tailored to your needs
  • A competent and trustworthy partner with expertise in different countries
  • An European solution for your packaging management
  • Providing up to date information and legislative texts regarding developments in the European packaging sector

For a free quotation, please contact us : umwelt(at)francoallemand.com

Electric and Electronic Equipment - Batteries

European Union Directives 2002/96/EC, 2002/95/EC and 2006/66/EC enforce registered collection and recycling of waste consisting of electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries.

Given the diversity of national compliance schemes in terms of price-structure and declarations, the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce has developed a consulting service facilitating intra-European exports.

We strive for constant improvement in our support of exporting businesses, offering a tailored service for Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Registration with relevant national authorities
  • Research for a disposal and guarantor scheme suitable to your business in terms of price structures and legal terms
  • Filing mandatory declarations with national authorities / schemes
  • Coordination between your company and the relevant schemes
  • Providing up-to-date information and legislative texts in German, French or English

For a free quotation, please contact us : umwelt(at)francoallemand.com

Registration and certification procedures

The Environmental Department of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry can help you with various registration and certification procedures in France and Germany.

Please contact us: umwelt(at)francoallemand.com specifying the registration required so that we can establish a quotation.

Individual Research

The Environmental Department of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducts surveys adapted to your company’s needs regarding your obligations under Environmental législations concerning Packaging, WEEE and Batteries.

Please contact us at umwelt(at)francoallemand.com.